Continuing Education

Join the American College of Psychotherapy and get the most out of your CEU investment in yourself and your future. This is the equivalent of fine dinning from the table of giants in the field. It represents a real investment in yourself and your future. Experience these “the Masters” every chance you get.

As a member of the American College of Psychotherapy, each time you attend an approved presentation, your investment is DOUBLED by the American Board of Psychotherapy accepting credits toward Credentialing for the same money you have already spent. This at no additional charge!

Discounts on Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, and Online Courses

Since as our organization is experiencing such substantial growth, we now have the ability to negotiate with Approved Providers for savings to members of the American Board of Psychotherapy through discounted fees for attending their programs. We pass all of this saving along to you, with the hopes that you might recover the cost of membership through the savings you receive throughout the year.