Board Certification

The American Board of Psychotherapy has put together a rigorous and rich program for those who want to excel in the field of psychotherapy. Having finished the required number of units in courses approved by the American College of Psychotherapy, you can apply to be Boarded in Psychotherapy, by the American Board of Psychotherapy. It acknowledges and rewards you for participating in a wide range of training in psychotherapy and identifies you as being highly trained, skilled, and most competent in your field of study. You may choose the Board Certification in Psychotherapy as well as certification in a specific area of “Specialty”.

 Why a Specialty

In as much as you are already required to take extensive continuing education units for re-licensure, now you can use those same credits toward Board Certification. If you would like, you may then tailor your professional growth in a specific direction, by pursuing the “Specialty” designation to expand your scope of practice, or meet emerging needs in a defined area of interest. This it gives you the opportunity to redesign or reengineer your expertise and professional identity in a different area and thus create a greater professional identity and experience.

Having completed the core curriculum and becoming a Board Certified Psychotherapist ( 40 hours and test ) you may then choose a “Specialty” for which you can be recognized with an additional, 30 hours of curriculum and a test, as being a “Specialist” in an area of focus, acknowledged and recognized for having been  more intensively trained.

Whether completing the process of becoming a American Board Certified Psychotherapist or having completed work in your “Specialty”, following each, you will be tested and Certified, based on the path of professional interest and development you have chosen.

The Result

The result of either or both certifications is that you will develop skill and expertise in delivering services and be immediately identified by other professionals as having additional education and training. This engenders greater confidence and respect from both patients and other professionals. Whether you choose to expand your scope of practice or focus in an area of specialty, the value of the services you provide is enhanced both in private practice or a clinical organization.