Approved Providers

It is our intention to only endorse only the best of the best for value and efficacy. We believe that means a “selection” of providers rather than a “collection” of providers. We will provide a list periodically to define those companies and presenters that we believe to be of optimum value to you. Not all conferences, workshops, training, or courses will meet the American College of Psychotherapy standards and we rely on personal experiences of our staff and feedback from you, our members, in determining the approval rating.

We will identify the specific programs, of the approved providers, which qualify for CEU credit. Based on the content, not all hours may apply toward CEU credit, though that rarely happens. We believe our approved providers to be of the highest quality in context and content while operating ethically and responsibly toward you the consumer.

You will receive American College of Psychotherapy credit hours only from those designated as “Approved  Providers”. You may acquire credits from Conventions, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Trainings, Videos, Online Programs, and Suggested Reading that our Curriculum Committee identifies. For unattended programs, like videos, online presentations, or suggested reading, a brief test may be required. This is necessary to protect the integrity of the curriculum.

American College of Psychotherapy Approved Providers